Archibald Thorburn  RA

Archibald Thorburn (1860-1935) was undoubtedly the finest 20th Century British painter of birds.

He lived in Kelso (1880), Tonbridge Wells (1885) and London (1887). He painted in oils and watercolours and the originals are now highly valued and expensive.

He always showed meticulous accuracy and detail in the birds and animals he painted and mostly showed them in their natural habitat. He exhibited at the Royal Academy (21), the Royal Society of British Artists and the Fine Art Society.

The first print is from his famous series of books "British Birds", which was printed by Longmans, Green and Co in 1915. Behind glass it is impossible to tell that it is not the original watercolour. The 2000 difference in price should provide a clue!

The second print is from the same source and is signed by the artist on the mount and dated 1923, stemming from a period when he was in his prime.

"Crane, Bustards and
Stone Curlew"



"Partridges and Quail"

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